Here we go!

Today is a big day!  We are proud to introduce to you the first vintage of wine released by Gore Family Vineyards. 
The fruit of our labor over the past years has resulted in a fearless Zinfandel and an audacious Cabernet.

Created and aged with the Gore family’s generational expertise and sarcastic humor, the 2008 Zinfandel drinks bold, bright, and balanced. With aromas of warm berry and pepper, the ripe middle gives way to a smooth coffee finish. This wine is perfect for a night on the patio with family, grilling your favorite steak.

The 2008 Cabernet is already sold out (typical us, we drank most of it). Not to worry, though, there is more to come soon.
We look forward to keeping you updated on what's happening here in Sonoma County. Gore Farms is running on full steam; harvest is coming soon, new concoctions are being whipped up from the garden, the Russian River has a new sustainability project, and inspiration is being spread around the world to solve our global problems. 

*|FNAME|*, we are asking you to join our family and jump into the Rebellion by buying our wine and staying in touch. To enhance your ink stained lips and rosy cheeks, we are offering a discount of 10% for two weeks using the code 'Rebellion' to celebrate our official launch.  
Cheers to you,
Erin,Tommy, Elizabeth and Jimmy